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8X8 Cubicles

Looking for 8×8 cubicles? has many 8×8 cubicles with all different panel heights. You might find some 7×9 cubicles included in this category due to the fact that the square footage is nearly the same as 8×8. Not sure if 8×8 cubicles will fit in your space? Ask about our free design service.


Used 6×8 or 6×6 or 8×8 Steelcase Answer with 54 high panels

Steelcase Answer, very flexible that can be set-up in many different configurations.  4″ think tiled panels.  Curvilinear worksurfaces in maple.  120 degree configuration.  Overhead storage

April 29, 2013Qty: 2,240    6X6 Cubicles, 6X8 Cubicles, 8X8 Cubicles, Steelcase, Used Cubicles

Used Steelcase Avenir 8×8 Cubicles Dallas Texas

Steelcase Avenir 8×8 workstations with a 30×48 corner worksurface, and (2) 30×48 return worksurfaces, BBF and 2-drawer lateral file, (2) overhead 48″ closed shelves (bins)

March 04, 2013Qty: 76    8X8 Cubicles, Steelcase, Used Cubicles

Used Knoll Morrison 8×8 Workstations

Knoll Morrison 8×8 workstations, with high-low panels.  Belt-line power and voice and data connections.  Optional storage cabinet.  Mobile BBF pedestal.  Gray paint trim with beige

February 20, 2013Qty: 75    8X8 Cubicles, Knoll, Used Cubicles

Used Herman Miller AO2 8×8 and 8×6 and 6×8 Cubicles

AO2 8×8 workstations that can be reconfigured into 6×8 or 8×6.  Each station has a 24×48 corner with (2) 24×48 return surfaces that can be

January 31, 2013Qty: 45    6X8 Cubicles, 8X8 Cubicles, Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

Used Herman Miller AO2 in Cleveland Ohio

Herman Miller AO2 with 62 high panels.  This station was originally set-up as 8×6.5.  It can be reconfigured into 6.5×8, 8×8 and 6.5×6.5.  30×48 corner

January 31, 2013Qty: 75+    8X8 Cubicles, Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

Used Knoll Dividends 8×8 and 6×6

Knoll Dividends 8×8 and 6×6 workstations. Lots of glass! Full pedestals and closed overhead storage.  Product is in good as-is condition and available now

January 20, 2013Qty: 75    6X6 Cubicles, 8X8 Cubicles, Knoll, Used Cubicles

Used Herman Miller My Studio Cubicles 8X8 and 8X10

Herman Miller My Studio workstations. These 8X8 stations are gorgeous   Lots of glass with sliding doors.  It is 3 years young and available now.  Lots of glass and

January 20, 2013Qty: 45    8X8 Cubicles, Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

Used Haworth Places Cubicles In Houston Texas, 8X8

400 , 8X8 Haworth Places Cubicles for sale. 1395.00 per cubicle Fabric Color: Tatami Kayar Paint Color: Charcoal 48″ spine walls, 24″ wide wing walls

January 02, 2013Qty: 400    8X8 Cubicles, Haworth, Used Cubicles

Steelcase Avenir Cubicles in 8X8

These 8×8 Avenir cubicles come with 1 regular box box file, one vertical file and one over head storage bin

December 19, 2012Qty: 56    8X8 Cubicles, Steelcase, Used Cubicles

Steelcase Avenir

Steelcase Avenir 9×7.5, 64″ high panels, U-shaped cubicle with 30″ deep worksurfaces to include a 30×42 corner, 30×66 and 30×48 return with a third 30×60

December 02, 2012Qty: 50    8X8 Cubicles, Steelcase, Used Cubicles Ohio
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