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At we have an abundance of high quality Herman Miller cubicles. Our top Herman Miller products include Ethospace, Resolve and more. Buying used herman miller cubicles is a great way to spruce up your office environment while staying green and saving money on your used cubicle purchase. Herman Miller Ethospace is one of the nations top selling used cubicle brands, reason being it has more options, more flexibility and its a higher quality than most systems in general. If you are looking for used herman miller cubicles look no further than If you have questions about your office furniture purchase please feel free to contact us today.


Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles with Tower

Herman Miller 8×8 Ethospace Cubicles with Tower.  Stations can be easily changed into 6×8 if tower is removed.  24×48 corner worksurface with 24×24 and 24×48

December 31, 2015Qty: 61    6X8 Cubicles, 8X8 Cubicles, Herman Miller

Herman Miller AO2 6×8 and 8×6 cubicles

Herman Miller AO2 6×8 and 8×6 cubicles with 62″ high panels.  Stations have a Box/Box/File pedestal and a 2-drawer lateral file.  A 48″ overhead binder


Herman Miller Sense Cubicles

Brand new inventory of Herman Miller Sense Benching Cubicles. This product is barley used and in pristine condition – constructed 2011. Herman Miller Sense Cubicles

October 01, 2015Qty: 550    Furniture Brands, Herman Miller, Telemarketing, Used Cubicles

Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles, ON SALE

We have a very clean inventory of Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles ready to ship. These used office cubicles have 120 degree connections for maximum openness

June 20, 2015Qty: 136    6X6 Cubicles, Furniture Brands, Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

Herman Miller AO2 8X9 Includes Task and Side Chairs!

We are moving these cubicles very quick. Each cubicle includes 30″ deep work surface, one box box file, one file file, two over head storage


Used Herman Miller AO2 Cubicles

Herman Miller AO2 is the “go to” cubicle for many companies. Its versatile, easy to install and easy to reconfigure. Its also inexpensive when purchase

July 21, 2014Qty: 85    6X6 Cubicles, Furniture Brands, Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

53″ Tall Herman Miller AO3 6X7

We currently have over 600 of these office cubicles in stock. Each used cubicle is 6X7 and 53″ tall. These Herman Miller Ao3 Cubicles come

March 31, 2014Qty: (600+)    Furniture Brands, Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

Herman Miller Cubicles

Very Nice Used Herman Miller Cubicles. Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles can be difficult to come by and are highly sought after. If you are interested

March 30, 2014Qty: 15    6X6 Cubicles, Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

Herman Miller A03 Cubicles

We have 100 used Herman Miller Ao3 Cubicles for sale today. Each cubicle is 6X6 with 54″ high panels all the way around. Each used

February 03, 2014Qty: 100    6X6 Cubicles, Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

Used Herman Miller Resolve

We have this great load of Herman Miller Resolve for sale. Resolve is a great way to achieve an open, teaming working environment for your

October 07, 2013Qty: 166    6X8 Cubicles, Herman Miller, Used Cubicles
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