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At we have an abundance of high quality Herman Miller cubicles. Our top Herman Miller products include Ethospace, Resolve and more. Buying used herman miller cubicles is a great way to spruce up your office environment while staying green and saving money on your used cubicle purchase. Herman Miller Ethospace is one of the nations top selling used cubicle brands, reason being it has more options, more flexibility and its a higher quality than most systems in general. If you are looking for used herman miller cubicles look no further than If you have questions about your office furniture purchase please feel free to contact us today.


Rare Herman Miller My Studio Cubicles / WorkStations

Rare Herman Miller My Studio Cubicles. These cubicles are at a great price and come in great colors that can match almost any office color

December 28, 2012Qty: 45    Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

Used Herman Miller SQA Cubicles, 6×6 Typical, St. Louis, Missouri

All stations are 6 X 6 with 2 exceptions being 6 X 5.5 All panels are 36″ width with the exception of 2 30″ Power

August 22, 2012Qty: 30    6X6 Cubicles, Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

Ethospace by Herman Miller – Extremely Popular 8×8 Matching Typicals that will supply 83 Complete Workstations! Philadelphia, PA.

Herman Miller Ethospace measuring 8×8. Cubicles come equipped with overhead and under surface storage, takable tiles, glass tiles and more!

July 05, 2012Qty: 83    Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

Herman Miller Resolve

We Specialize in Herman Miller Resolve Cubicles. We are located in Long Beach, CA and ship nationally as well as internationally with projects in Mexico,

July 05, 2012Qty: 200    Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

42 – Herman Miller AO-2 Cubicles

Used Herman Miller cubicles in a 6×8 footprint

June 22, 2012Qty: 42    Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

6×6 AO2 cubciles by Herman Miller

45 used Herman Miller AO2 cubicles. Stations are 6 x 6 with 67 panels that drop down to 53″ and 39&#

April 22, 2012Qty: 45    6X6 Cubicles, Herman Miller, Used Cubicles
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