How do I hook up the electrical on my cubicles?

Virtually all cubicles come with powered and non powered panels. Powered panels are usually found on the spine of a cubicle pod. Powered panels contain the “raceway” harness that includes the power for that particular panel. There are “jumpers” or power festoons that connect one powered panel to the next like a daisy chain. At the end of each cubicle pod or run you will need either a base feed or a power pole. Basefeeds run power to a wall or to the ground, power poles run power to the ceiling. The guts of a base feed and a power pole are the same and they typically hook into the cubicles the same. Most basefeeds hook into a receptacle port inside the cubicle or on the end of the raceway inside a powered panel. To wire the base feeds or power pole you will need an electrician. Almost all cubicle power is a variation of 8 wire / 4 circuit – 20 amps – 220v.