How do I match my existing cubicles?

Matching cubicles can be complex, especially if your cubicle system has been discontinued or is not widely sold. To match your cubicles you first have to know the make and model. This can be found under a top cap, under a file or under a work surface. To find the actual panel fabric and trim color you will usually need to look under the top cap of a panel. Trying to find used cubicles that perfectly match your existing cubicles can be difficult. It’s usually best to find some lower grade cubicles and have them remanufactured with new fabric or paint. Keep in mind, remanufacturing cubicles can be expensive, and in some cases, cost as much as buying brand new cubicles. Most of our clients decide to replace all their cubicles at once so they can match. This is why it’s always a good idea, especially when buying used cubicles, to buy more than you need. We actually offer a wholesale price to clients that buy more cubicles than they need for this reason.