Cubicle Liquidation in Dallas

Cash Offers, Consignment Options, Tear Down and Removal

Looking to liquidate your cubicles or office furniture near Dallas? has been involved in some fo the nations largest decommission projects. From 20 cubicles up to entire buildings, we have you covered. See below to learn more or contact our buyer directly today. Grant

Looking To Sell Your Office Furniture or Cubicles Near Dallas?

Get your free quote today. Email photos or project details to get started.

Competitive Offers

Furniture is expensive, you want to make sure you get as much money as you can for your cubicles and office furniture. That’s why we are always up front with how much your office furniture is worth and offer as much as we can up front. 


Cash or Consignment

We offer a number of different agreements and selling options including full buy options where we offer instant cash for your office furniture or consignment options where we sell your products for you. 


Quick Turnaround

Need to have your furniture out quickly or in a time crunch? We work with very tight deadlines and can have your furniture removed on your time frame, guaranteed. 


Nationwide Liquidations

We’ve liquidated office furniture in nearly every state. No matter your location, we can make an offer. Email us today to learn more about our office furniture liquidation services. 


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