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Allsteel cubicles are a great way to create an ideal working environment on a budget. Feel free to browse our large selection of used Allsteel cubicles and start saving money today. Used Allsteel cubicles are a great way to give your office a professional look while maximizing your budget in a creative way. Allsteel cubicles can easily cost over $5,000 when purchased new but when you buy through you can save up to 85% on your cubicle purchase. We can easily find you a used Allsteel cubicle for under $900.00. If you have questions about used Allsteel or cubicles please contact us today.


Used Allsteel Terrace Cubicles – SanDiego, California

Used Allsteel Terrace cubicles in 7×6, 7×7 or 7×8 configurations. Several larger cubicles are available. Each used Allsteel cubicle comes with a BBF (2 drawers,

July 05, 2012Qty: 66    Allsteel, Used Cubicles
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