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At we have an abundance of high quality Herman Miller cubicles. Our top Herman Miller products include Ethospace, Resolve and more. Buying used herman miller cubicles is a great way to spruce up your office environment while staying green and saving money on your used cubicle purchase. Herman Miller Ethospace is one of the nations top selling used cubicle brands, reason being it has more options, more flexibility and its a higher quality than most systems in general. If you are looking for used herman miller cubicles look no further than If you have questions about your office furniture purchase please feel free to contact us today.

Used Herman Miller AO2 Telemarketing Workstations in Dallas

Herman Miller AO2 telemarketing stations. All 72 stations have a 24×42 worksurface, the wing panels are 42×53, so the footprint of the stations is 42×42.


Used Ethospace 6×8 Cubicles

Herman Miller Ethospace 6×8 workstations.  There are 70 of these stations with 70″ high panels on the spine, step-down to 54″ high.  The 4″ thick

February 11, 2013Qty: 70    6X8 Cubicles, Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

Used Herman Miller Q Workstations, 6×6 and 6×8

These Herman Miller Q workstations are 6×6 and 6×8 with high to low panels. each station has a 30″ or 36″ 2-drawer lateral file.  Worksurfaces: 24×36 corner with 24×36

February 11, 2013Qty: 105    6X6 Cubicles, 6X8 Cubicles, Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

Herman Miller 6×6 Workstations with low panels

Used Herman Miller Workstations consisting or 39″ high powered panel down the spine and non-powered off.  Each station has a full height FF pedestal.  Optional

February 11, 2013Qty: 255    6X6 Cubicles, Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

Used Herman Miller AO2 8×8 and 8×6 and 6×8 Cubicles

AO2 8×8 workstations that can be reconfigured into 6×8 or 8×6.  Each station has a 24×48 corner with (2) 24×48 return surfaces that can be

January 31, 2013Qty: 45    6X8 Cubicles, 8X8 Cubicles, Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

Used Herman Miller AO2 with low panels

As-is Herman Miller AO2 stations with 39″ high low panels, each station has a 24×36 corner with a 24×48 and a 24×60 return worksurface.  The

January 31, 2013Qty: 16    Herman Miller, Telemarketing, Used Cubicles

Used Herman Miller AO2 in Cleveland Ohio

Herman Miller AO2 with 62 high panels.  This station was originally set-up as 8×6.5.  It can be reconfigured into 6.5×8, 8×8 and 6.5×6.5.  30×48 corner

January 31, 2013Qty: 75+    8X8 Cubicles, Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

Used Herman Miller Ethospace 6×6 workstations

6×6 Herman Miller Ethospace workstations: Panels on the spine are powered 46″ high and first panel off spine is 46″ high step-down to 38″ high.

January 30, 2013Qty: 32    6X6 Cubicles, Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

Used Herman Miller My Studio Cubicles 8X8 and 8X10

Herman Miller My Studio workstations. These 8X8 stations are gorgeous   Lots of glass with sliding doors.  It is 3 years young and available now.  Lots of glass and

January 20, 2013Qty: 45    8X8 Cubicles, Herman Miller, Used Cubicles

Herman Miller AO2 Used Cubicles

Herman Miller AO2 cubicles in great condition. Each of these stations comes with 1 over head storage unti, one shelf, one box box file, one

January 14, 2013Qty: 80    Herman Miller, Used Cubicles
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