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Knoll cubicles are known for their design prowess, their ability to adapt and their price ( which can be expensive). Luckily at Used you dont have to worry about the price. We have Knoll Morrison, Knoll Reff, Knoll Autostrada and more at discount prices everyday. Purchasing used Knoll cubicles is the perfect way to spruce up your office environment with design oriented products while staying inside your budget. Knoll cubicles are a design firm staple when it comes to workstations. Designers choose Knoll cubicles most often because they have more design options and overall design friendly colors than any other system on the market.


Knol Antenna Cubicles | Benching Cubicles

These are award winning cubicles by Knoll ( Knoll Antenna Cubicles). These cubicles are benching style which are made for open concept. Brand new these

July 21, 2014Qty: 12    Furniture Brands, Knoll, Used Cubicles

Knoll Currents 6X6, Low Wall

We currently have 650 of these Knoll Currents (Spine) with Knoll Morrison (Wings). Each used office cubicle is 6X6 and 52″ tall. Each cubicle comes

July 17, 2014Qty: 650    6X6 Cubicles, Furniture Brands, Knoll, Used Cubicles

High End Knoll AutoStrada 7 X 7.5 Cubicles

These rare, Knoll AutoStrada Cubicles are very high end and are not easy to find pre-owned. We currently have 101 of these but they will

July 17, 2014Qty: 101    Furniture Brands, Knoll, Used Cubicles

Knoll Currents with Sliding Glass Doors

These Pre-Owned Knoll Currents with Morrison are some of the cleanest, most fully loaded cubicles we have ever offered. These have everything including 2 lateral


Knoll Morrison Cubicles, Like New

This is a new load of Knoll Morrison coming out right now. There are more of these stations to come in the near future. Each

June 03, 2014Qty: 65    6X8 Cubicles, Furniture Brands, Knoll

Beautiful Knoll Reff

This is a one of a kind load of Knoll Reff Cubicles. Each station has upgraded tile options and comes in an 8X8 or a

January 28, 2014Qty: 80    6X6 Cubicles, 6X8 Cubicles, Furniture Brands, Knoll

Knoll Currents With Soji Screens

These are Knoll Currents cubicles with soju screens included!!! The Soji screen provides a look and feel to a working environment that cannot be duplicated

October 28, 2013Qty: 85    6X8 Cubicles, Knoll, Used Cubicles

Knoll Current Benching Cubicles

Very trendy Knoll Current Benching Cubicles for sale. This can give your office the high tech atmosphere you’ve been looking for. Each used office cubicle

October 28, 2013Qty: 100    6X6 Cubicles, Knoll, Used Cubicles

Knoll Morrison Cubicles

320 Very nice Knoll Morrison 6X6X42″ cubicles. If you’re looking for an effective, designer friendly solution to your office furniture needs these Knoll Morrison cubicles

September 25, 2013Qty: 321    6X6 Cubicles, Knoll, Used Cubicles

Knoll Morrison 6X6

Beautiful Knoll Morrison Located in Dallas Texas. Each cubicles comes with an adjustable corner worksurface, one over head storage  unit, one 2 drawer lateral file,

August 27, 2013Qty: 300    6X6 Cubicles, Knoll, Used Cubicles
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