Office Furniture Shipping

Nationwide Shipping With has a wide variety of services to assist in your office furniture relocation or shipping needs. We take great pride in our ability to complete your project form start to finish no matter your location. 


Looking to ship in a remote location? We have you covered. We can pull, package and ship your cubicles to any location with our strategically placed warehouses. Whether you’re in Hawaii or New York, can assist with your project. 


We have two methods of shipping your cubicles. If you have a smaller job, less than 20 stations, we will pull, palletize, band and wrap your cubicles to ship via LTL. If you have a larger job, larger than 35 stations, we will flat pack your product on to a 53′ trailer. This allows us to fit more cubicles onto a trailer, saving you money. 


Upon loading the truck with your cubicles we will cross check the Bill of Materials (BOM) with the product thats being loaded to ensure all your products arrives. We will then take photos of the product going on the truck and after its fully loaded so we can prove any freight damage that could occur. Your shipment is safe with us.