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30X60 Benching Cubicles

These are very nice 30X60 benching cubicles for sale. We currently have 90 in stock and are selling them from our CA warehouse. Each station

November 01, 2017Qty: 90    Furniture Brands, Reduced Cubicles, Telemarketing, Used Cubicles

New Open Concept Cubicles Starting at $499

Our benching cubicles create workspaces that welcome interactions, enhancing the workflow for teams. It’s easy to share at the bench, minimizing the need to relocate for

August 05, 2015Blog

Benefits of an Open Office Cubicle Concept

Businesses are continually evolving with new technology, new practices, new ideals, and even new office cubicle concepts. It is important for today’s businesses to evolve

March 28, 2015Blog

Are Benching Cubicles Right for You ?

Benching cubicles are a relatively new design concept that took shape over the last couple years. Benching cubicles are essentially cubicles that have no walls

March 24, 2015Blog

Benching Cubicles Starting at $399 Each

We are proud to introduce our new benching cubicle system. We have been selling benching cubicles for years but we are finally selling one that

February 17, 2015Blog

Knoll Current Benching Cubicles

Very trendy Knoll Current Benching Cubicles for sale. This can give your office the high tech atmosphere you’ve been looking for. Each used office cubicle

October 28, 2013Qty: 100    6X6 Cubicles, Knoll, Used Cubicles

6X3 Knoll Benching Workstations

We have 100 Knoll Currents benching stations in stock. Benching cubicles are great for maximizing your space. Each station has a 6X3 foot print. We

January 28, 2013Qty: 100    Knoll, Used Cubicles
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