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New Open Concept Cubicles Starting at $499

Our benching cubicles create workspaces that welcome interactions, enhancing the workflow for teams. It’s easy to share at the bench, minimizing the need to relocate for

August 05, 2015Blog

6 Tips to Stay Awake During Meetings

It’s your third meeting of the day with at least 4 more before quitting time. They all start melding into one giant day of watching

March 17, 2015Blog

How to Give Your Office Cubicle a Refresh

Office cubicles are typically a pretty hefty investment for any company. The price tag associated with cubicles can sometimes run steep (not ours! We have

December 17, 2014Blog

Have You Seen the Cubicle Castle?×200.gif Everyone has their dream job or dream work environment, but how many of us actually get to live out that dream? One man, NVIDIA’s

September 08, 2014Blog

Knoll Currents With Soji Screens

These are Knoll Currents cubicles with soju screens included!!! The Soji screen provides a look and feel to a working environment that cannot be duplicated

October 28, 2013Qty: 85    6X8 Cubicles, Knoll, Used Cubicles

Office Spaces to be Envious Of

Let’s be honest, a majority of us 9 to 5 cubicle dwellers don’t exactly have the most beautiful office landscape to work in. If you

October 22, 2013Blog
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