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Factors When Buying Used Office Furniture

Used Office Furniture: Factors to Consider for Your Next Purchase Selecting the right office furniture can be a critical decision for your business. It can

May 17, 2015Blog

Very Nice Haworth Premise Cubicles

This is a brand new load of Haworth Premise cubicles located in Dallas. This inventory consists of two different types of cubicles teaming cubicles and

October 02, 2014Qty: 800    Furniture Brands, Haworth, Used Cubicle Sale, Used Cubicles

Are Your Cubicles Affecting Productivity?

Have you ever considered the idea that your cubicles could be hindering the productivity of your office? It may seem like a weird concept, that

March 11, 2013Blog

Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying Used Office Furniture

Used Office Furniture Questions to Ask    Purchasing any item pre-owned requires a level of research.  You want to ensure you are buying something that

January 31, 2013Blog

Quad Steelcase Cubicles 5.5X5.5

These Steelcase Quad cubicles are hard to find on the used office furniture market. Each cubicle comes with one file, one corner worksurface unit, power

January 14, 2013Qty: 200    Steelcase, Used Cubicles

Used Office Furniture is the Way to Go

The old saying that a new car’s value immediately depreciates the moment it drives off the lot also holds true for office furniture. New office

January 06, 2013Blog

Office Furniture Liquidation Tips

Office Furniture Liquidation Tips Businesses that are in a state of change such as relocating, downsizing, or closing must take into consideration what to do

January 01, 2013Blog

What Cubicle Layout is Best for Your Business?

What Cubicle Layout is Best for Your Business? The layout and configuration of your business’ office furniture is extremely important to the overall work flow

January 01, 2013Blog

What Is a Cubicle Partition?

We’ve had some businesses ask us about cubicle partitions more than usual lately so we thought we would do a quick article on what cubicle

December 01, 2012Blog
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