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Telemarketing cubicles are great for employees that are on the phone most of the day. They provide the maximum use of your floor space and can come in almost any size and configuration. We have almost every brand of cubicle in stock and in a telemarketing configuration. Telemarketing cubicles are a great option if you are short on office space, if your employees are primarily on the phone and if you are looking to save money on your office furniture purchase.


Steelcase Answer Benching Cubicles

This is a great inventory of Steelcase Answer benching cubicles for sale. These cubicles are extremely versatile and can build open concept, inclosed meeting areas,

August 22, 2018Qty: 250    6X6 Cubicles, Steelcase, Telemarketing, Used Cubicles

Knoll Currents Benching Cubicles

These are very high end Knoll Currents benching cubicles for sale. Each cubicle includes 7″ thick spine walls with rare 10-wire power, above surface power,

July 06, 2018Qty: 200    Knoll, Telemarketing, Used Cubicles

Herman Miller AO2 telemarketing stations

Herman Miller AO2 Call center stations (telemarketing stations), 42×42 cubicles with 54″ high panels.  Each station has a 24×42 return.  BF hanging locking pedestal.  The


30X60 Benching Cubicles

These are very nice 30X60 benching cubicles for sale. We currently have 90 in stock and are selling them from our CA warehouse. Each station

November 01, 2017Qty: 90    Furniture Brands, Reduced Cubicles, Telemarketing, Used Cubicles

Steelcase Avenir 6×5.5 Cubicles

Steelcase Avenir 12×5.5 shared cubicles.  Panels are 42″ high with power down the spine.  Each station has a 24×42 curvilinear corner with a 24×24 return

January 10, 2016Qty: 716    6X6 Cubicles, Steelcase, Telemarketing, Used Cubicles Ohio

Herman Miller Sense Cubicles

Brand new inventory of Herman Miller Sense Benching Cubicles. This product is barley used and in pristine condition – constructed 2011. Herman Miller Sense Cubicles

October 01, 2015Qty: 550    Furniture Brands, Herman Miller, Telemarketing, Used Cubicles

Haworth Places 6.5×6 cubicles with 44″ high panels

Haworth Places 6.5×6 cubicles with 44″ high panels.  Stations consist of a 24×48 corner with 24×24 and 24×30 return worksurfaces.  Mobile BBF pedestal and 30″

April 29, 2015Qty: 120    6X6 Cubicles, Haworth, Telemarketing, Used Cubicles Ohio

Very Nice Knoll Currents, 6X5

Beautiful Knoll Currents workstations. All cubicles are 48″ high with two files, one slat storage wall, glass dividers, Most panels are non-powered call for more

August 15, 2013Qty: 74    Knoll, Telemarketing, Used Cubicles

Used Knoll Morrison in Great Condition

This is a great load of Knoll Morrison that just arrived. This load can be configured in numerous sizes including 8X8 and 6X8. Please call

July 28, 2013Qty: 11    6X8 Cubicles, Knoll, Telemarketing, Used Cubicles

Used Knoll Currents 5×5 cubicles in Serpentine configuration

Knoll Currents 5×5 serpentine workstations, sharp,looking with silver paint, slat wall and overhead reuter style bin.  Curvilinear worksurfaces.  Very good as-is condition.  These stations are

May 06, 2013Qty: 100    Knoll, Telemarketing, Used Cubicles
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