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Telemarketing cubicles are great for employees that are on the phone most of the day. They provide the maximum use of your floor space and can come in almost any size and configuration. We have almost every brand of cubicle in stock and in a telemarketing configuration. Telemarketing cubicles are a great option if you are short on office space, if your employees are primarily on the phone and if you are looking to save money on your office furniture purchase.

Used Herman Miller AO2 Telemarketing Workstations in Dallas

Herman Miller AO2 telemarketing stations. All 72 stations have a 24×42 worksurface, the wing panels are 42×53, so the footprint of the stations is 42×42.


Used Herman Miller AO2 with low panels

As-is Herman Miller AO2 stations with 39″ high low panels, each station has a 24×36 corner with a 24×48 and a 24×60 return worksurface.  The

January 31, 2013Qty: 16    Herman Miller, Telemarketing, Used Cubicles

Used Call Center Workstations, Steelcase 9000 series, 40+ Available in 65″h x 45″w typical, Raleigh, North Carolina

As-is 9000 45”w call stations include: 65”h panels, surface and overhead with tasklight Finishes: Panel Fabric: blue neutral Panel Trim: 4682 gv1 Worksurface: 2782 pulp

July 05, 2012Qty: 40    Steelcase, Telemarketing, Used Cubicles
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