Used Office Furniture Killeen

Used Office Furniture Killeen

Looking for Used Office Furniture in Killeen? You’ve come to the right place. has a wide variety of name brand cubicles including Herman Miller Cubicles, Steelcase Cubicles, Knoll Cubicles and many others. Everything you see online can be shipped within 10 business days nationwide, we also offer nationwide delivery and installation. If you have any questions please feel free to chat online or fill out the contact form.

  • Allsteel Terrace Cubicles


    This is a new inventory of Allsteel Terrace cubicles for sale. These are only 3 years old and are fully loaded. Brand new these would cost over $6,500 each. We are wholesaling them for $799 each. Each cubbies is 6X8 with frameless glass, storage tower, desirable colors, and in superb condition. This inventory also has […]

  • Friant Tiles Cubicles For Sale


    Updated inventory of used Friant Tiles cubicles for sale. These cubicles are fully loaded with upgraded panel fabric, embossed metal tiles, glass tiles, power down the spine wall, marker boards and more. These cubicles are available in various sizes including 6×6 and 6×8. We can build virtually any configuration. These cubicles will not last long […]

  • Beautiful Knoll Reff Cubicles


    These are some of the nicest cubicles we have in stock. These cubicles are Knoll Reff in almost brand new condition. We have a total of 225 of these in stock at the moment and this load yields two sizes: 6X8 and 8X8. Each cubicles includes tiled/segmented panels that are 64″ tall with four glass […]

  • Haworth Premise, Very Nice!!!


    This is a very nice load of Haworth Premise cubicles. These cubicles have everything, glass, extended 120 degree / directional work surfaces, paper management, over head storage bins, filing cabinets. We are highly motivated to move this product and have already sold a great deal of this inventory.These cubicles can come in 48″ or 64″ […]

  • Allsteel Stride Cubicles, Los Angeles CA.


    This is a rare load of AllSteel Stride Cubicles located in California. These 6X6 used cubicles come with one two darer lateral file, one over head storage bin, one pencil drawer and paper management. These office cubicles are 50″ tall. Please call or email us for additional photos and pricing.

  • Haworth Premise In Dallas


    Local Dallas load of Haworth Premise used cubicles. These used office cubicles come in a 6X6 or a 6X8 configuration. We currently have 40 of these in stock. Each cubicle includes two box box files and are 42″ tall.

  • Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles


    Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles are one of the top brands of cubicle to purchase and they hold their value extremely well as you can see. 🙂 These stations are in an 8X9 configuration and come with a wide array of options and trim levels, including box box file, file file, over head storage bin and […]

  • Knoll Current Benching Cubicles


    Very trendy Knoll Current Benching Cubicles for sale. This can give your office the high tech atmosphere you’ve been looking for. Each used office cubicle comes with one two darer lateral file. These cubicles can fit into a tight working environment. Knoll currents is a very high end cubicle system and will sat a very […]

  • Used Haworth Premise Cubicles, Very Nice


    This is a rare , beautiful load of used Haworth Premise cubicles. These used office cubicles are 48″ tall, 53″ tall or 64″tall and can come with glass tiles and other options. These cubicles also have above work surface power and data so you can easily plug in your laptop, smartphones or other electronics. We […]

  • Allsteel Concensys Cubicles In Dallas


    We have this great load of Allsteel Concensys cubicles for sale located in Dallas, Texas. These used office cubicles come in two sizes a 7X8 and an 8X10. These used cubicles are 69″ tall with one box box file, one file file, one over head storage bin and one shelf. Please fill out the form […]

  • Used Steelcase 9000 Enhanced Cubicles


    This is a rare load of Steelcase Enhanced 900 cubicles. Each used office cubicles comes with one four drawer lateral file and one file file pedestal. These stations are loaded! Its very rare to see a four drawer later file included in a cubicle. If you are interested in these used cubicles please call us […]

  • Used Herman Miller Resolve


    We have this great load of Herman Miller Resolve for sale. Resolve is a great way to achieve an open, teaming working environment for your office. These stations come in a 6X8 configuration. Resolve is difficult to find so act now.



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Shelley Jones / Co-Owner is a family owned and operated company established over 30 years ago. We specialize in used cubicles, desks,chairs and more. was started with one goal in mind, to offer high quality used cubicles at a lower cost than anyone else in the nation. We have five warehouses situated across the U.S. which house over 3,000 cubicles at any given time. This allows us to offer cost effective office furniture options in every state. In addition to selling high end used cubicles we are also a full service contract office furniture dealership selling new products. In fact, almost half of the projects we work on are blended projects, meaning, the customer buys used cubicles but new desks, new seating etc. Blending used and new products allows you to save money while creating an upscale working environment. We would love an opportunity to work on your next project. We have the inventories, skill and experience to move your project from concept to completion on time and under budget.