Benefits of an Open Office Cubicle Concept

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Benefits of an Open Office Cubicle Concept

Businesses are continually evolving with new technology, new practices, new ideals, and even new office cubicle concepts. It is important for today’s businesses to evolve their workspaces as the needs of employees continually change.

One of the new concepts in office design is the low-wall, open cubicle. Gone are the cubicles of old that have three privacy walls, deterring interaction. Gone are the days burying your head into your computer with no idea of what’s going on around you.  Introduce, the low-wall collaborative office cubicle.

Cubicles with low walls, visual lines of sight, glass tiles, and peninsula tops are fast becoming the norm in today’s office environment. This office cubicle design promotes interaction among employees, group idea generation, and even more efficient employees. So what exactly makes up a collaborative cubicle concept?

Low-Walls or Even No Walls

A low-wall cubicle is roughly 54 inches tall, which is low enough to allow you to see your fellow cube mates. The benefit of a low-wall cubicle is a teammate’s ability to simply talk through to someone without having to stand up or walk around. This can promote idea generation and quick responses to questions, thus increasing productivity.

Peninsula Tops

Peninsula tops are work-surfaces that connect between two cubicles, creating essentially what is a peninsula or a U-shape. This U-shaped area is great for impromptu meetings and interaction. You can lay out paperwork or have other cube mates join you to discuss an idea or project. No need to schedule a meeting and move into a room, just take care of it right there!

Creating Groups

Another option for creating a collaborative office cubicle space is by grouping teams in one large cubicle. For example, a large cubicle that shares one work-surface where employees essentially work directly next to each other. This type of cubicle design can be ideal for employees who work on projects together and share resources.  

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