goes far beyond the point of sale with the services we offer. We pride ourselves in the ability to take your project from concept to completion.


When you purchase product from us we will handle everything for you including delivery. If you want have your own trucking company we can arrange a pick up however if you’re like most companies and require delivery we will be glad to provide you several quotes and manage the transfer of products.


Installation is required on 98% of the jobs we sell. We have our own, trained installation professionals in Dallas, TX and Columbus, OH. If you require installation outside of our home bases we have a network of certified installers that we have used for over 20 years that can install your product in an state.


If you purchase product before you need it to be installed or have excess product you need to store for a while we provide a number of reasonably priced storage options. Whether you’re needing to store 10 cubicles or 400 our combined 250,000 square feet of warehouse has you covered.

Tear Down

If you require your office furniture to be torn down and moved or relocated has you covered. We can have your office furniture torn down quietly, on time and loaded on trucks at the right price.