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Nationwide Delivery

We have numerous locations we can ship products from. If you’re in the United States, we can delivery to you. Learn More »

Nationwide Installation

Let us handle the dirty work. We have installed cubicles and office furniture in 49 states and almost every capital.Learn More »

Space Planning

We provide free space plans to all clients. Let us optimize your space for square foot, efficiency and safety. Learn More »

Storage & Warehousing

Have excess furniture? You can store in one of our warehouse locations. If you’ve bought the furniture from us you get a 25% discount. Learn More »

Furniture Procurement

Many clients have specific needs that can only be met by actively pursuing inventories. Our buyers can find the perfect product for your business. Learn More »

Furniture Cleaning

Furniture can get dirty after use, that’s why we offer commercial grade cleaning. Our crew will make your furniture and office look like new. Learn More »


Free Task Chair Promotions

Free task chair with every cubicle on select inventories.

Take advantage of our exclusive free task chair promotions. We have several inventories that include a free task chair at this time. Depending on the inventory you choose you either receive a free Allsteel Relate task chair, Herman Miller Celle task chair or a Knoll Life task chair. All promotional inventories are $799 including the chair. All chairs are pre-owned and in fantastic condition.

CDC Guidelines - Buying Used Office Furniture

We have all felt the effects of COVID-19. It’s disrupted our personal lives, businesses and well being. We have been following how this is affecting our customers and their working environments closely the past few months and have compiled a list of guidelines that the CDC recommends for maintaining a safe office environment. 

  • 6′ of separation between employees
  • Cubicle walls need to be at least 24″ above the work surface. 48″ tall cubicles are typically sufficient
  • All common, used surfaces must be cleaned daily such as handles, work surfaces etc.
  • If cubicles are shorter than 48″ tall, either replace the cubicles or purchase cubicle screens
  • If cubicle length is less than 6′ space employees every other cubicle
  • Skip every two to three chairs in common areas such as break rooms and conference rooms 
CDC Cubicle Guidelines

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If you end up having to replace your existing office furniture or cubicles we would love to help. We’ve been running numerous promotions to help companies in need. In any case, buying used office furniture or used cubicles is a wise choice in these trying times. 

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We are a family owned office furniture dealership based in Dallas, Texas. We have been buying, selling and installing used office furniture our entire lives, over 25 years. Since our inception, our company has grown ten fold. From a tiny office in Grapevine, Texas to over 5 locations and warehouses situated all over the U.S. Our goal has always been to provide exceptional service and products on a national scale. In the end, we love what we do and serving businesses nationwide. It’s this passion that has driven our success over the years. View All Clients


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