Steelcase Answer Cubicles, End Of Year Sale!


Steelcase Answer Cubicles, End Of Year Sale!

Item number: 026252

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PRICE $999 each


Brand: Steelcase
Quantity: 120
Size: 6X6, 6X8
Height: 48", 57"
Color: Glass, Maple, White
Electrical: 8 wire - 4 circuit
Accessories: Curved Corner Worksurface, Frameless Glass, Mobile File, Tack-able Fabric

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Looking for a great end of year cubicle deal? We have this gorgeous inventory of Steelcase Answer cubicles that are extremely clean. Each of these cubicles can make either a 6X6 for a 6X8 and are 48″ tall with 12″ of frosted, frameless glass. They include on mobile-box file with cushion and power downs the spine walls with two receptacles each. We can install these for you in virtually any location and typically give our cost on freight. Contact us today to learn more and to secure these before they sell out. 

More about Steelcase®

At, we have a wide selection of Steelcase cubicles available for purchase. Steelcase is a well-known and respected brand in the office furniture industry, and for good reason. They have been a pioneer in the design and manufacture of office cubicles and other work spaces for over 100 years.

The history of Steelcase dates back to 1912, when the company was founded in Michigan. From the very beginning, Steelcase was focused on creating innovative and functional furniture for the modern workplace. They were one of the first companies to introduce the idea of “systems furniture,” which is based on the idea that office spaces should be highly flexible and adaptable to the needs of different users. With this in mind, they developed the first cubicle system, which was called the “Action Office.”

The benefits of Steelcase cubicles are many. For one, they are built to last. Steelcase’s cubicles are made with high-quality materials and are designed to stand up to heavy use. They are also highly customizable, meaning they can be configured to meet the specific needs of any business. They can be designed to include built-in storage, power and data ports, and other features that are essential for a modern office. Additionally, Steelcase cubicles are known for their aesthetic and modern look, that could be a great fit for any office layout.

Overall, Steelcase cubicles are a great choice for any business looking for high-quality, flexible and durable office furniture. At, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of pre-owned Steelcase cubicles at an affordable prices.


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6X6, 6X8


48", 57"


Glass, Maple, White


8 wire – 4 circuit


Curved Corner Worksurface, Frameless Glass, Mobile File, Tack-able Fabric



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Shelley Jones / Co-Owner is a family owned and operated company established over 30 years ago. We specialize in used cubicles, desks,chairs and more. was started with one goal in mind, to offer high quality used cubicles at a lower cost than anyone else in the nation. We have five warehouses situated across the U.S. which house over 3,000 cubicles at any given time. This allows us to offer cost effective office furniture options in every state. In addition to selling high end used cubicles we are also a full service contract office furniture dealership selling new products. In fact, almost half of the projects we work on are blended projects, meaning, the customer buys used cubicles but new desks, new seating etc. Blending used and new products allows you to save money while creating an upscale working environment. We would love an opportunity to work on your next project. We have the inventories, skill and experience to move your project from concept to completion on time and under budget.