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Frequently Asked Questions is a comprehensive resource for finding used cubicles.

Our staff uses AutoCAD and Giza to make sure the furniture fits. This furniture space planning and furniture design service is usually free. Very comprehensive designs or multiple revisions may require a small fee. AutoCAD file not available, most .pdf and hand drawings can be entered into AutoCAD to insure isles are the correct width and fire code standards are met.

You can make your own arrangements if you prefer to use a particular freight company.
Not comfortable arranging shipping? Not to worry, we leverage the shipping/freight services of 3 qualified freight companies so that your rate is competitive. Providing a good freight rate is a MUST. We don’t want a high freight rate to influence your used cubicle buying decision.

Your local furniture dealership has lots of good services. Unfortunately, the majority of them do not offer cubicle liquidation services or cubicle buy-back services. How they help their clients, is to 3rd party this service or they pass on it all together.

All cubicles represented on this site are graded based on condition. Our as-is cubicles meet or exceed the industry standard for acceptable condition. See our condition criteria and guarantee. has an in-house staff that can help guide you through the cubicle buying process. We can provide you with a cubicle buying check-list, so that nothing is left out.