Do You Love Your Office Cubicle?

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Do You Love Your Office Cubicle?

While browsing the web recently I curiously stumbled across an article titled “10 Reasons I Love My Cubicle”. Your face is probably the same mine was upon reading the title, perplexed. Is this person crazy who wrote that? Turns out, a lot of the points the writer made in the article are fairly valid, at least in my eyes.  Here is the article – I Love My Cubicle.

Now that you’ve read it, I want to highlight the points that I agree and disagree with in regards to the reasons she loves her office cubicle.

1. I love working in an open, collaborative environment. – I absolutely agree with this reason. Working in a collaborative environment is great for a number of reasons; you can bounce ideas of fellow employees, ask others for help, and socialize, all in the confines of your cubicle.

2. I love structure – This reason I am on the fence with. Though structure is nice, it’s also nice to dictate your own day and not have to conform to the same structure as everyone else.

5. Office supplies galore – Pretty self-explanatory here, the best supplies are free supplies.

7. Get this: I like having a manager! – She must have an awesome manager. I think a manager directly affects your mood in a cubicle. Ever work for a micromanager? Worst. Thing. Ever.

After reading the article what are some other reasons you might love your office cubicle? For me, (though I can’t honestly say I love much about work in general) I love how I know where everything is in my cubicle at all times. My supplies, my snacks, coffee, water, everything is in the exact spot where I left it. For those of you who don’t get this type of comfort at home, you know how nice this can be.

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