How to Give Your Office Cubicle a Refresh

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How to Give Your Office Cubicle a Refresh

Office cubicles are typically a pretty hefty investment for any company. The price tag associated with cubicles can sometimes run steep (not ours! We have cubicles starting at $399!) which is why a lot of times you see older style cubicles in older businesses. It is often viewed as an unnecessary expense to upgrade your office’s cubicles. In the event your office is unable to upgrade to new cubicles, there are still ways to transform your old cubicles into fresh, vibrant office cubicles once again. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can give your cubicles a refresh and looking like new again.

New Tiling

The easiest way to get your cubicles looking new again is with a “facelift”. On most cubicles there are fabric tiles that line the inside and outside of your cubicle. Chances are you have a boring neutral color currently lining your office that was chosen 20 odd years ago. Times have changed! There is also probably a fair share of rips and tears on various tiles throughout the office. Give your cubicle some life again by refinishing the tiles of your office cubicles. The tiles can often be stripped and reupholstered. Think of this type of refresh like painting the walls of your home a new color. It brings life to the cubicles and can make them look like new again, for next to pennies compared to purchasing new cubicles.

New Trim or Surfaces

Another quick win to have your cubicles looking like new again is to give the trim a fresh coat of paint. The trim is often chipped and mistreated over the years, so a simple fresh coat of paint can do a world of difference.

One of the more expensive options to revamp your office cubicle is to select new work surfaces. The work surface of your cubicles experiences the most wear, and it can show. If you have it in the budget, consider purchasing new surfaces to give your cubicle that “new” look again.

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