Nationwide Cubicle Installation

Nationwide Cubicle Installation

Our team of dedicated project managers is here to guide you through your office furniture and cubicle installation from start to finish. 93% of our projects are out of state so we understand what it takes to pack, ship, off-load and install your project on your timeline. 


We have installed cubicles in every state, including Hawaii. This is achieved by our nation wide network of certified cubicle installers. Our crews are knowledgable, tactile, and professional, never leaving a job until its 100% to your satisfaction. Our crews have been tried and tested on hundreds of installations, we know how to get in and out, leaving your office space and cubicles free of damage and looking great. 


Need to install overnight, after hours or on the weekend? This is extremely common, especially for jobs that include a tear down of your existing cubicles. We can easily schedule your job for whatever time you require, given that we’ve had to appropriate amount of time to get you on the schedule. Morning, noon or night, weekends and holidays, is here for your cubicle installation needs. 


As many companies know, cubicles are a very parts intensive industry. There can be thousands of parts in each cubicle install. Virtually every job will have some sort of punch list or parts that need to be replaced etc. After a job is installed we condense all the missing parts to one cubicle and create a list of parts that are needed to complete the install. The missing parts are then sent via overnight or as fast as possible to the installers so the job can be completed.