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Are Benching Cubicles Right for You ?

Benching cubicles are a relatively new design concept that took shape over the last couple years. Benching cubicles are essentially cubicles that have no walls

March 24, 2015Blog

6 Tips to Stay Awake During Meetings

It’s your third meeting of the day with at least 4 more before quitting time. They all start melding into one giant day of watching

March 17, 2015Blog

Common Mistakes When Purchasing Cubicles

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Shopping for Office Cubicles If you’ve never been on the market for office cubicles, then you may be quick to

March 16, 2015Blog

Tips for Avoiding the Over-Talkative Coworker

Have you ever worked with someone who seems to just float from cubicle to cubicle throughout the work day, gossiping about anything and everything? You

February 18, 2015Blog

Benching Cubicles Starting at $399 Each

We are proud to introduce our new benching cubicle system. We have been selling benching cubicles for years but we are finally selling one that

February 17, 2015Blog

How To Buy Used Cubicles

Buying used cubicles is not as hard as it may seem, especially if you follow a few simple guidelines and processes. 1. What type of

February 14, 2015Blog

How to Give Your Office Cubicle a Refresh

Office cubicles are typically a pretty hefty investment for any company. The price tag associated with cubicles can sometimes run steep (not ours! We have

December 17, 2014Blog

Design the Ultimate Cubicle with Tiled Office Cubicles

Are you a part of a creative, design focused business? Do you want cubicles that stand out with multiple colors to create a vibrant work

December 16, 2014Blog

What Does Your Office Cubicle Say About You?

Let’s face it; we spend nearly as much time in our cubicles than we do with our loved ones. That is a harsh reality to

December 15, 2014Blog

Can Office Cubicles Replace Your Meeting Rooms?

How many times have you tried to reserve a conference room to no avail or how many times have you reserved a room only to

December 01, 2014Blog
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