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Teknion has several popular brands like TOS, Leverage and Boulevard! If you are looking for a basic good quality monolithic panel system, your looking in the right place. Want a 4″ think tiled system? Again, look no further. Some inventories have tall panels and some short, you may find glass accents as well, find the typical that works best for you. The savings you realize compared to new can be as great as 75%, search the pages of to find all kind of options. Lots of choices and lots of savings.


Teknion TOS Cubicles

This is a great inveotry of Teknion TOS cubicles for sale. Each of these cubicles can be a 6X8 or an 8X6 and come with

May 01, 2018Qty: 40    6X8 Cubicles, Teknion, Used Cubicles

Low Wall Teknion Cubicles

very nice inventory of used Teknion cubicles for sale. Each cubicle is a 6X6 with glass risers. Each cubicle includes glass, embossed tiles, upgraded fabric,

February 26, 2018Qty: 100    6X6 Cubicles, Teknion, Used Cubicles

Teknion 7 x 5 Cubicle 66″ H panels – Non Powered – Sold

Teknion 7 x 5 Cubicle – Panels 66″ high – Non Powered Good Core product.  24 x 36 corner, 24 x 24 return, 24 x

October 03, 2016Qty: 30    Teknion, Used Cubicles

Teknion Leverage Cubicles for Sale

This is an immaculate inventory of Teknion Leverage Cubicles for sale. These cubicles were manufactured in 2012 and are fully loaded. These cubicles are 7X8

April 13, 2016Qty: 135    6X6 Cubicles, 6X8 Cubicles, Teknion, Used Cubicles

Used Teknion Cubicles

New load of lightly used Teknion Cubicles. Each of these cubicles are 7X8 in size and come with clear glass cubicle add ons, one storage

May 16, 2015Qty: 100    Furniture Brands, Teknion, Used Cubicles
$989 Gorgeous Teknion Leverage Cubicles 6X8’s Overall Score

Gorgeous Teknion Leverage Cubicles 6X8’s

We have this brand new load of used Teknion Leverage cubicles. These come in standard as shown in the photos, you can add Teknion brand

October 31, 2014Qty: 55    6X8 Cubicles, Furniture Brands, Teknion, Used Cubicles

Used Tekion Leverage

These are very nice Teknion Leverage cubicles located in Atlanta, Georgia. The cubicles are 50″ tall and come in a 6X6 or 6X8 configuration. A

September 10, 2014Qty: 48    6X6 Cubicles, 6X8 Cubicles, Furniture Brands, Teknion, Used Cubicles

Teknion Leverage Cubicles – Priced to Sell

These Teknion Leverage cubicles are a great buy and priced to sell. Each used office cubicle comes with a curved corner surface, one overhead storage

March 25, 2014Qty: 475    6X8 Cubicles, Teknion, Used Cubicles

Teknion 6×8 cubicles

Used Teknion 6×8 cubicles: open shelf, overhead bin, two lights, marker board tile, BBF locking pedestal and tool rail. Good as-is condition

February 11, 2013Qty: 10    6X8 Cubicles, Teknion, Uncategorized

Pre-owned Teknion 6×8 Workstations

Teknion 6×8 cubicles with belt-line pwer and data!  66″ high tiled panels support a 36″ overhead shelf and 36″ overhead bin with task-lights.  Tool slat-wall

February 01, 2013Qty: 10    6X8 Cubicles, Teknion, Used Cubicles
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