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Beautiful Allsteel Terrace


Beautiful Allsteel Terrace


Make: Allsteel
Quantity: 30
Color: White, Cream, Neutral
Quick Ship: Yes
Shipping Included: No
Minimum Purchase: Less Than 10? Try Our QuickCubicles
Item No: 018761
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Beautiful inventory of Allsteel Terrace cubicles for sale. These cubicles are 6X6 ( heights varry ). All cubicles come with 6″ frameless glass stackers, one mobile box file with cushion, power down the spine wall, upgraded – two tone panel fabric, marker board tiles, upgraded post leg supports to create a more open environment and more. These cubicles are very clean and look great installed. They are only a few years old, rated an 8.5 out of 10. Act now if you’re interested in this inventory. We currently have 200 of these in stock.