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Knoll Dividends Cubicles – Presale


Knoll Dividends Cubicles – Presale


Make: Knoll
Quantity: 150
Color: Neutral, Maple
Quick Ship: Yes
Shipping Included: No
Minimum Purchase: Less Than 10? Try Our QuickCubicles
Item No: 021078
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We are pre selling this gorgeous inventory of Knoll Dividends cubicles starting December 18th. We are not just selling the cubicles but the entire floor of furniture, we are open to wholesale this as a package deal. If one buyer takes all the discount would be massive. This inventory includes 150 6X6 Knoll Dividends cubicles with  frameless glass, upgraded end supports, tiled panels and one box box file each. 

As far as the inventory as a whole, it includes all the office seating (task chairs), side seating, break room seating, occasional seating, conference tables, private offices and more. For additional information please hit the contact us button below or chat online. The price listed above is for the cubicles only. If you bought it all the price per cubicle would drop drastically.