Used Herman Miller SQA Cubicles, 6×6 Typical, St. Louis, Missouri

Used Herman Miller SQA Cubicles, 6×6 Typical, St. Louis, Missouri

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PRICE $695 each


Brand: Herman Miller
Size: 6X6
Electrical: 8 wire - 4 circuit
Height: 67"

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All stations are 6 X 6 with 2 exceptions being 6 X 5.5
All panels are 36″ width with the exception of 2 30″
Power in the main spine
Panels along window walls and wings are 39″ high
First panel off the spine is 53″ high 2nd panel is 39″ high
Neutral colors
Have most keys
All overhead Bins have fabric covered doors and are locking
All peds are full height and locking.

BBF 47
FF 7

Worksurfaces 24 X 36 35
Worksurfaces 24 X 36 X 24 X 36 corner 30
Worksurfaces 24 X 66 15

Power Panels 36 X 67 41
Power Panels 36 X 39 17
Power Panels 30 X 39 3

NP Panels 36 X 67 19
NP Panels 36 X 53 18
NP Panels 36 X 39 18
NP Panels 24 X 67 1
NP Panels 24 X 39 wings 9

Overhead Bins 36″ 61

There are 30 Stations

Two Private office sets. U shape with with rounded P- top 30 at end 36″ at P and 72″ long a 24 X 42.5 bridge, and a 24 X 77 Credenza, plus
T wo 36″ overhead bins, 1 36″ 2 drawer lateral with bookcase above. The credenza also has a full size pencil drawer and a BBF Pedestal.
Both sets are right hand and medium Cherry finish wood veneer After touch up sell these for $ 750.00 a set.

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Dimensions 67 in



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Shelley Jones / Co-Owner is a family owned and operated company established over 30 years ago. We specialize in used cubicles, desks,chairs and more. was started with one goal in mind, to offer high quality used cubicles at a lower cost than anyone else in the nation. We have five warehouses situated across the U.S. which house over 3,000 cubicles at any given time. This allows us to offer cost effective office furniture options in every state. In addition to selling high end used cubicles we are also a full service contract office furniture dealership selling new products. In fact, almost half of the projects we work on are blended projects, meaning, the customer buys used cubicles but new desks, new seating etc. Blending used and new products allows you to save money while creating an upscale working environment. We would love an opportunity to work on your next project. We have the inventories, skill and experience to move your project from concept to completion on time and under budget.