Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying Used Office Furniture

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Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying Used Office Furniture

Used Office Furniture Questions to Ask 


Purchasing any item pre-owned requires a level of research.  You want to ensure you are buying something that isn’t going to be a piece of junk and that it matches the expectations set forth by the seller. In the world of used office furniture asking the right questions is vital, as often times you are unable to see the furniture in person. The following are tips to keep in mind when your business is ready to make its next used office furniture purchase.


What Signs of Wear Exist?

The used office furniture dealer should willingly provide in-depth details about the used office furniture, as well as a number of pictures. Be sure to ask for multiple pictures at different angles. If anything about the description and pictures don’t match up, ask questions and press for more information. If the answer doesn’t represent what you see or believe, select another used office furniture provider.



A customer testimonial is on of the best representations of a business. Is the feedback about the dealer positive, or are there several negative reviews included? If there are negative reviews, don’t be shy to ask why they received a negative review. Also, ask for references so you can speak to a previous customer about their experience.


Product Samples

Ask if the used office furniture dealer is able to provide a sample. Typically samples are reserved for larger projects, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Don’t be discouraged if a dealer is unable to provide a sample. If you are still not certain about the office furniture, request additional pictures or even video.


Lastly, always keep in mind that used office furniture inventories are constantly changing and typically don’t have replacements. The world of used office furniture is a first come first serve basis, so if you see and item you like, act quickly. Also, be aware that if you buy one item and plan on purchasing more in the future, that they may not exist then.



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