Refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace


Refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace

If you are on the market for Herman Miller Ethospace you are probably quick to realize the hefty price tag associated with purchasing them new. If you’ve started to venture into used Herman Miller Ethospace inventories you’ll notice a smaller price tag, but a limited ability to customize your selection. Enter refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace.

Refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace is the ideal cubicle choice for businesses that wish to save money as well as customize their office cubicle. Ethospace is comprised of a frame and tile system, in which the skeleton of the cubicle is extremely durable thick steel. This durable frame is perfect for reuse, as it can be used over and over again. Ethospace tiles have the ability to be stripped of their fabric and reupholstered. With a plain tile you now have the choice of upholstering it with whatever color you desire. In some instances you may even be able to choose from previously used fabric, which could save you money.

Refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace also allows you to select your desired configuration for your cubicles. The framing system of Ethospace is designed to allow for multiple configurations such as; low and high wall cubicles, open concepts, telemarketing styles and many more. This level of customization is lost with used Herman Miller Ethospace because you are only given the option of “you get what you see”. The ability to configure refurbished Ethospace allows a business to maximize their office space while potentially improving productivity.

Next time you are on the market for Herman Miller Ethospace, why not check out refurbished Ethospace? You’ll help your bottom line, while receiving a product that is “like new”.

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