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Cool Facts About Office Furniture

  • For many years the most widely sold cubicle system was Hon Consynsus. Also, the most cheaply made.
  • Heman Miller Ao1 was the first cubicle ever created and is still manufactured today, just a different version, AO2 and AO3.
  • Herman Miller Ethospace was the worlds first “Frame and Tile” cubicle system.
  • On average it takes 2-5 hours to assemble a cubicle depending on its size and components. Frame and Tile cubicles can take over 8 hours.
  • Large manufacturers like Herman Miller control where their used cubicles show up across the country. They don’t like a flood of used cubicles hitting certain markets.
  • 6X6 cubicles are now the standard size cubicle. In the early 2000’s it was 6X8’s, late 90’s it was 8X8. Companies are buying smaller cubicles.
  • To office furniture dealerships, Knoll cubicles are known as the designer cubicle. They typically have trendy, cool looking cubicles.
  • The most efficient way to layout cubicles is a spline or spine wall running down the middle of a cubicle run. Placing cubicles on a wall wastes space and money.
  • The average cost for a new 6X6 cubicle is $2,500. You can buy the same cubicle from for less that $999.
  • The fastest way to increase the cost of a cubicle is to add glass, lateral files or large over head bins.
  • The fastest way to decrease the price is to lower the panel height and overall size of the cubicle.