Looking for an upscale office chair? The Herman Miller Aeron chair is the quint essential office chair of our generation. People buy them for their design, their name and for their ergonomics. Finding Aeron chairs pre-owned is a rare find. Herman Miller Aeron chairs hold their value very well and have a large selection of after market (OEM) parts. Meaning if they do break ( which they rarely do) you can find parts for them easily. We are starting to consistently look for inventories of Aerons at this time. They sell within days of us acquiring them. At the time of this posting we have 28 but check back as we are always updating our stock. If you are buying cubicles you can order our Aeron chairs to go with your order. If you are wanting to buy the chairs only, the order has to be over 20 in order to qualify.

These Aerons are black on black with a mesh seat. All chairs are size B.