This is a brand new load of Haworth Premise cubicles located in Dallas. This inventory consists of two different types of cubicles teaming cubicles and manager cubicles.

The Teaming Cubicles include:

  • 53″ Tall Panels
  • 6X6 Configuration
  • One Overhead Shelf Unit
  • One File File Storage Unit

The Manager Cubicles include the following: 

  • 64″ Tall Panles
  • 9X6 Configuration
  • One Overhead Shelf Unit
  • One Over Head Storage Bin
  • One File File Unit
  • One Box Box File Storage Unit
  • Storage Cabinet
  • Glass Add-Ons

Please note that even though we have a large quantity of these it does not mean they will last. Companies buy large quantities of cubicles. Contact us today for more information. Chat online now for immediate assistance.