What Is a Cubicle Partition?

What Is a Cubicle Partition?

We’ve had some businesses ask us about cubicle partitions more than usual lately so we thought we would do a quick article on what cubicle partitions are and how they can be used to benefit your office space and your workforce.

Cubicle partitions are essentially the same thing as a workstation or a cubicle. Its just another way of saying the same thing. A select few would disagree with me saying that cubicle partitions are a simple dividing wall with large”L” shape feet incapable of supporting components such as a work surfaces, overhead storage or shelves. Its my opinion that that type of cubicle partition is very far removed from todays office space. The only place you would see such a dividing wall would be in a warehouse, mail room etc.

Cubicle partitions can be used in various ways to support your certain working environment, the customizations are limitless. For instance you can design your space to be budget friendly by selecting a monolithic system. You can harness your workforces creative prowess by installing a free standing, teaming workstation such as herman miller resolve. You can even go all technology and install a system like Knoll Currents for your I.T. department. Of course these options can vary greatly depending on the colors you choose, the size of the cubicle partition and the layout of your partitions. Bottom line, there should be no reason to NOT buy cubicle partitions. You can easily find the options you need and price point is no problem, especially if you’re shopping on usedcubicles.com.

Furthermore, cubicle partitions were first invented to divide a space without building drywall or buying expensive metal desks. ( Circa 1950 ) Ha. Thats an article in itself. They are here to save you time, money and resources. Imagine if instead of buying used cubicle partitions you built a stand alone drywall office..Off the charts expensive. You can also reuse your partitions. You don’t have to throw them away when you move your office or even if you go out of business. Cubicle partitions are made to be re-configured, meaning they can breakdown into different sizes and shapes. If your company for some reason goes out of business you still have an option. Cubicle partitions are highly sought after, especially on the used office furniture market. You can sell you partitions to a used office furniture dealer in your area and make a good chunk of your investment back.

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