Worst Cubicle Ever!!!

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Worst Cubicle Ever!!!

It can be bad enough being stuck in a cubicle all day, but imagine if that cubicle were an utter mess. Parts falling off, not enough space, dirty, ugly, the days are beginning to feel a lot longer aren’t they? For as bland as my cubicle may seem (tan fabric everything with high enough walls I can’t see anything around me) I couldn’t imagine having any of the following gruesome “office cubicles

The Tiny Telemarketing Cubicle






I get it, some companies need to squeeze as many employees as possible into a space, but telemarketing cubicles can be unbelievably small and depressing. I hope you don’t have long legs, because there isn’t room for negotiation.

Paper Hoarder






How do you even work if your desk looks like this? I think it would automatically deter me from ever accomplishing anything. Quite frankly, I don’t think if I printed out every email I’ve ever received it would even come close to this cluster.

Bear Cubicle






Really? Thank goodness there is a wrestling ring like barricade constructed of what looks like shoestrings, a Grizzly bear could never escape that and eat me.

Cage Desk







I guess this is a suitable desk….if you work in a prison. This is one way to avoid people stealing your stapler, just lock up your whole desk! Seems a bit extreme to me.
If your cubicle is in desperate need of an upgrade consider purchasing a used cubicle. For a fraction of the price you can find a suitable office cubicle option that wont break the bank, and will certainly look much better than the previous examples.








It could always get worse I guess.

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