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Herman Miller AO2 5.5×7 (6×6)

Herman Miller AO2, 5.5×7 cubicles with 54″ high panels.  The square foot per cubicle is very close to 6×6, send us your drawing for some

April 03, 2018Qty: 950    Herman Miller, Used Cubicles, Used Cubicles Ohio

Herman Miller AO2 telemarketing stations

Herman Miller AO2 Call center stations (telemarketing stations), 42×42 cubicles with 54″ high panels.  Each station has a 24×42 return.  BF hanging locking pedestal.  The


Herman Miller AO2 7×7 cubicles, 54″ High

Herman Miller AO2, 7×7 cubicles with 54″ high panels.  Each station has a 24×42 corner with (2) 24×42 return worksurfaces.  (2) BF handing locking pedestals. 

March 29, 2018Qty: 975    6X6 Cubicles, 6X8 Cubicles, Herman Miller, Used Cubicles Ohio

Typical station not listed below

100’s of options available.  Stations can be built in packs like ice-cube trays, 120 degree, shared worksurfaces, shared cubicles, individual for processing, teaming, bull-pen, the

January 31, 2016New Cubicles Ohio

Apply different paints and fabrics

Apply different paints and fabrics to the typicals below, the options are endless.  These new cubicles have a life-time warranty, they ship in 5-days.  Some

January 31, 2016New Cubicles Ohio

Herman Miller Cella Chair

Herman Miller Cella chair, plastic seat and back, color is beige, excellent condition. These were previously used in conference and training rooms

January 31, 2016Qty: 140    Used Office Chairs Ohio

Haworth Tag Chair

Used Haworth Tag chair.  Blue fabric and also available with reupholstered black fabric

January 31, 2016Qty: 150    Used Office Chairs Ohio

National Office U-shaped Desk

National Office U-shaped desks sets with hutch.  8 RH and 7 LH in stock.  Cherry laminate, good as-is condition

January 31, 2016Qty: 13    Used Desks Ohio

Used Haworth Unigroup Desks sets

Used Haworth Unigroup Desk and Credenza sets, U-shaped desk sets with hutch.  Black paint and laminate

January 31, 2016Qty: 15    Used Desks Ohio

Used Filing Cabinents

100’s of different Used Filing Cabinets Available, too many to list all. Used vertical files, used lateral files, used fire fires. 2-drawer files, 3-drawer files,

January 30, 2016Qty: many    Used Files Ohio
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