Finding The Correct Cubicle

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Finding The Correct Cubicle

Finding the correct cubicle to suit your employees needs is actually a straight forward task. It will require the help of an office furniture space planner, like we offer for free here at

The first step is to determine how many cubicles your space can fit and to space plan in the size cubicle your employees require. The size of the cubicle will obviously greatly fluctuate on what your employees will be doing and the overall style of your space. A popular style is the new benching cubicles or open concept cubicles. These cubicle styles have a minimal footprint while maximizing the fluid motion and openness of the floor plan.

The next step and for some, the most crucial is to determine a budget. Budgeting for used cubicles and for new cubicles needs to be figured by cost per cubicle. Using this method helps all dealerships quickly generate a price based on your needs. Take note of how low you allow your budget to go. We see numerous clients looking for cubicles in the $250 range. Those numbers simply aren’t doable and if you find a cubicle in that price range you need to double check the inventory by eye. A good budget for most used cubicles is $850 each not including delivery or installation. A good budget for new cubicles is $1,350 each not including installation. Keep in mind those prices can fluctuate by the size and options you choose.

We hope this article has helps you hammer down your used cubicle options. Please feel free to chat online for immediate assistance. We can have a custom proposal to you in under 3 hours.

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