Do Refurbished Cubicles Make More Sense than New?

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Do Refurbished Cubicles Make More Sense than New?

If you’ve been doing some shopping around for office cubicles you’ll quickly notice the steep price tag associated with new cubicles. Though, there are some affordable new office cubicles available, the majority are priced pretty high. Don’t give your hopes up, however, there is a less expensive alternative to purchasing new office cubicles – refurbished office cubicles.

Refurbished office cubicles can be as good as new, without the new price tag. There are a number of parts in a cubicle that can be refurbished or supplemented with new parts to create exactly the cubicle you are after. Most cubicles have a core structure made of steel that allows you to break down each part for refurbishment.  Let’s take a look at how you can create a customized office cubicle through the refurbishment process.


The great part about the fabric on an office cubicle is that it can easily be taken off and replaced with the exact color scheme you’re after. Depending on the availability, sometimes you can refabricate a used cubicle with used fabric from another inventory, thus saving you even more money. Refabricating the tiles of a cubicle will already give it the appearance of a brand new cubicle.

Work Surfaces

With an as-is used cubicle you are stuck with whatever work surface comes with the cubicle. Refurbished cubicles allow you to replace a work surface with whatever one you would like. You can insert new work surfaces that fit the exact style you area after and complement the overall design of the cubicle.

Storage Options

Many office furniture companies will even give you the ability to customize your storage options in refurbished cubicles. Many will color the storage options according to your preference. This is another way to save money as they would reutilize pre-owned inventory, as opposed to purchasing them new. 

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