Used Haworth Premise Cubicles: For the Office of the Future

office cubicle with windows behind

Used Haworth Premise Cubicles: For the Office of the Future

Used Haworth Premise Cubicles: For the Office of the Future


The office of the future is constantly evolving. Businesses are continually forced to adapt to changes in order to maintain optimum efficiency and productivity from employees. A large portion of the evolution of the office is tied directly to the office furniture that inhabits it. Businesses need cubicles, seating and more to function specifically to their needs, while also having the ability to adapt as the business does. One office cubicle line that is built with adaptation and functionality in mind is the Haworth Premise cubicle line.


Used Haworth Premise cubicles are the ideal systems furniture for the business of the future. A monolithic system, the Premise is designed to meet the varying needs of any business. Whether your office requires an open office concept with low-wall cubicles, or more privacy is needed with floor-to-ceiling walls, the Premise cubicle line has you covered. These Haworth office cubicles are designed specifically to allow your business to evolve. Cubicles can be reconfigured, redesigned, added on to, or taken down with ease.


The Haworth Premise office cubicle line can be outfitted with a number of add-on features. Tack-able tiles, lockable overhead storage and grommets are all standard features, unlike any other office cubicle line available. Custom options include various paper management tools, power at the surface for easy plug and play, different storage options and more.


Aesthetically, Haworth Premise cubicles are nearly unparalleled. The user can select from a WIDE variety of panel finish options such as wood laminates, any fabric color of your choice and much more. Premise can be outfitted with up-mount glass to allow for maximum natural light to enter the workstation or with frosted glass to create the contemporary look you were after.


Winner of the Best Of Neocon Award (Neocon is the pinnacle of all office furniture tradeshows), Haworth Premise office cubicles are sure to satisfy any business’ systems furniture needs, functionally, aesthetically, and from a budgetary standpoint.

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