Staying Motivated in your Used Office Cubicles

used office cubicles

Staying Motivated in your Used Office Cubicles

Staying Motivated in the Office Cubicle

Its 2PM on a Wednesday, you just ate a number 6 from the local fast food restaurant, and you’re setting the world record for the number of yawns in 5 minutes. You can’t possible fathom how you are going to survive through the remainder of the day, let alone accomplish something. How do you turn it around to fight the battle that is the next 3 hours of your work day?

Change of Scenery 

Sitting and staring at your computer screen for hours on end isn’t exactly the most exciting and stimulating activity. Take a step out of your office cubicle and walk around for a change of scenery. Allow your brain to focus on something else for a few minutes before sitting back down to work. This break in “action” can help stimulate your mind and just might give you that extra boost you needed.

Cubicle Exercises

It might sound funny, but exercising at your office cubicle can increase your blood flow and awaken your senses. Take small weights to work that you can curl while you sit at your cubicle or use elastic bands to stretch. You could also incorporate a workout ball to sit on which is a great way to help your posture, but also work different muscles in your body.


If it seems as though nothing is changing your laziness, try socializing a bit with your coworkers. Take a couple minutes to stop by someone’s desk and shoot the breeze. Removing yourself from your office cubicle to speak to a colleague can sometimes help motivate you to get back to work.


Probably the best way to stay motivated while at work is by listening to some music. Depending on the vibe you are after will dictate the music you select. Feeling groggy and sleep? Try listening to something upbeat with a faster tempo to increase your blood flow. Need to concentrate? Try listening to purely instrumental music.

Everyone has their own methods for decreasing laziness in the workplace, what is yours?

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