Office Furniture Liquidation Tips

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Office Furniture Liquidation Tips

Office Furniture Liquidation Tips

Businesses that are in a state of change such as relocating, downsizing, or closing must take into consideration what to do with their office furniture assets. Disposing of a large amount of used office furniture can become a burdensome and expensive task. To help you prepare for your next office furniture liquidation let’s take a look at a few tips to make the process a little easier.

Prepare Prepare Prepare

It is imperative that you prepare ahead of time for the liquidation of your office furniture assets. Give yourself ample time to handle the liquidation, as some liquidations can last over several months, or years. The more your business is prepared for the liquidation, the smoother the transition, which can lead to higher returns for your office furniture. You are able to gain higher returns because the office furniture liquidation company is able to coordinate all aspects of the liquidation beforehand as opposed to scrambling around on the fly and tapping into overtime rates.

Which Office Furniture Liquidation Company is Right for You?

Research multiple office furniture liquidation companies. Check their credentials and contact some of their past clients to get an idea about their reputation. Learn about the scope of their work. Most office furniture liquidation companies offer complete project management from beginning to end, top dollar for your office furniture assets, coordination with building management, and completion of the project in the allotted time period. The liquidation company should also complete a detailed inventory of all of the office furniture in the building and provide pricing based on the results.

All or Nothing

Try to avoid liquidation companies that cherry pick from your business’ office furniture. Use an all or nothing approach. If you allow the liquidator to select only the best pieces of office furniture, you’re left with unwanted clutter that has little value.

If you follow these office furniture liquidation tips, the transition of your business should go much smoother. The key to a successful liquidation is being prepared and selecting the best liquidator to handle your business’ office furniture assets.



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