Organizing Your Cubicle with Herman Miller Ethospace

Organizing Your Cubicle with Herman Miller Ethospace

Everyone has a different way they like to organize their workspace. Some scatter their work about in an “organized” mess, others file their work neatly, or keep everything paperless on their computer. Regardless of your organizational preference, Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles offer a number of add-ons and configurations to work with the user. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities when organizing your office with used Herman Miller Ethospace.


One of the best features of Herman Miller Ethospace is its various cubicle add-ons. Ethospace offers an array of organizational hardware that helps custom tailor the cubicle to its specific user.

  • Rail Tiles – Rail tiles are tiles that have horizontal grooves that are used to anchor different add-ons. The user can add paper trays to organize work-in-progress, keeping the clutter off the desk. There are two versions of paper trays, vertical and horizontal. Both instances provide a great way to organize; it merely comes down to the user’s preference.
  • Overhead Storage – Overhead storage, or flipper door units, are storage compartments that attach to the top of the cubicle. This type of storage is ideal for storing personal belongings, as it typically has a lock and key.
  • Tack-able Tiles – Tack-able tiles are an awesome way to help minimize the clutter on your desk. If you have paperwork that you are constantly referencing or like to have physical copies of reminders within eyesight, tack-able tiles are for you. They are also great to pin pictures of activities outside of the office, you know, happier times.
  • Whiteboards – Are you always writing things down on post-its or just like to doodle? Adding a whiteboard to your cubicle is perfect for just that! Eliminate post-it notes and draw masterpieces on your very own whiteboard.
  • Bookshelf – Lastly, one item that you can incorporate into your used cubicle is a bookshelf. Pretty self-explanatory. Organize books, binders, files, you name it, on your very own bookshelf.

As you can see there are a number of storage options available for your office cubicle with Herman Miller Ethospace. That means no more excuses for a messy desk right?

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