Must Have Ergonomic Office Features

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Must Have Ergonomic Office Features

The office of the future is constantly evolving. It is becoming more open for collaboration and more mobile for efficiency, but most importantly the office of the future is becoming healthier. Businesses are rapidly beginning to incorporate ergonomic features around the office to promote a healthier work environment for their employees.  There are a number of ergonomic office products on the market today, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular options out there.

Ergonomic Office Chair

If you frequent this blog often we’ve discussed a wide variety of ergonomic office chairs such as the Herman Miller Aeron, Steelcase Leap, Humanscale Freedom and more. Ergonomic office chairs are becoming a standard in almost every office space. They help promote healthier posture and seating habits that can help prevent long-term work injuries.

Monitor Arms

Monitor arms are rapidly becoming a staple in businesses that have heavy computer usage among its employees. There are a wide variety of monitor arms on the market from almost all major brands including Humanscale and Herman Miller. They come in slew of different designs and with different functionality. Whether you have 1 monitor or 12, there are monitor arms out there to satisfy your needs.

LED Task Lighting

Tired of the fluorescent lights scattered about the office space? Fluorescent lights tend to have a yellowish tint that isn’t very bright, which can leave you squinting all day or feeling tired. New LED task lights are designed to increase the lighting at your desk nearly tenfold compared to fluorescent, providing a brighter, crisper lighting situation at your desk. LED task lights also have a substantially longer life span and use significantly less energy.

Office Cubicle Accessories

There is a vast array of office cubicle ergonomic add-ons available in the market today. Items such as keyboard trays, laptop holders, ergonomic keyboards and mice, and more are available to help you create the ultimate ergonomic office cubicle.

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