What Cubicle Layout is Best for Your Business?

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What Cubicle Layout is Best for Your Business?

What Cubicle Layout is Best for Your Business?

The layout and configuration of your business’ office furniture is extremely important to the overall work flow and efficiency of its day to day operations. It is imperative that your office furniture is configured to function according to each department’s needs. An improper space design can eat up valuable real estate throughout the office, decrease productivity, and overall negatively impact your bottom line. So how do you know which office cubicle layout is best for your business? Let us take a look further into various used cubicle layouts to help you determine which is best for your business.

Cluster of Cubicles

Clusters of cubicles are among the most common configurations for an office space. Commonly utilized in large offices, they share a center spine, which typically allows a business to fit more cubicles into the space. Clusters are also a great way for businesses to save on their used office cubicles purchase. The shared spine alleviates the need for more cubicles walls, thus lowering the price per cubicle.


A bullpen is essentially one large cubicle. Typical bullpens can range anywhere from 10 to 12 feet wide or larger. Bullpen settings are ideal for teaming environments, as employees who frequently interact can share a common space. Bullpens are also great for creating an open feel in the office.

Straight Run

A straight run of office cubicles consists of a row of cubicles that share side walls, which also helps you save on your purchase. Typically a straight run is positioned with the back of the cubicles against the wall.

Private Offices

What many businesses may not realize is that you can use 70+ inch tall cubicles as private offices. If you feel as though the configuration of your office may change in the future, private office cubicles are a great way to avoid building permanent walls. When the time comes for a reconfiguration, the private office cubicle can be broken down and reassembled as needed.

Most reputable used office furniture dealers have an in-house design staff that will provide your business multiple space plans that most effectively utilize the available space. Be sure to ask questions and always keep in mind the future growth of your business.

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