Herman Miller Ethospace Built to Last

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Herman Miller Ethospace Built to Last

Herman Miller Ethospace Built to Last

Herman Miller Ethospace is one of the premier office cubicle systems available in the market today. Its flexibility, design capabilities, durability and more make it the ideal cubicle system for any business. The core structure of Herman Miller Ethospace is comprised of an underlying steel structure that is virtually indestructible with tiles that pop on and off with ease. This sturdy frame lends itself nicely to be reused over and over again as your business continues to change. The tiles are also ideal for reuse as they can be reupholstered to create a “new” feel. Let’s take a further look into the benefits of Herman Miller Ethospace.


One of the most appealing aspects of Herman Miller Ethospace is its flexibility. Ethospace’s frame and tile system allows the user to disassemble, reassemble and reconfigure the cubicle as needed. This is ideal for businesses that are experiencing change, because the office furniture is able to adjust as the business does. Ethospace’s flexibility is also reflected in the countless number of configurations that it can achieve. For example, Ethospace can be configured as telemarketing stations, bullpens, clusters, straight runs, private offices, peninsula tops for teaming and much more. Going even further, Ethospace can be also outfitted with high walls for privacy or low walls for teaming.

Design Capabilities

Herman Miller Ethospace’s design capabilities are nearly limitless. The tiles of the cubicle can be finished with any number of fabrics, laminates, or wood veneers. Glass tiles and up mount glass can also be incorporated to create a sleek look or to allow for more natural light in the workplace. Ethospace tiles can also be easily refinished to create a new look in the office, or to replace old tiles, keeping a universal look across the office. Functionally, Ethospace can address diverse storage needs with overhead storage (flipper units, shelving, rail tile accessories) and under-surface storage.

Herman Miller Ethospace’s durability and flexibility to be refurbished should make it a prime candidate for any business on the market for used office cubicles. It is a onetime purchase, as it is designed to meet the needs of the most diverse office environments.

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