Office Decorating Ideas


Office Decorating Ideas

Need Ideas for Decorating Your Office Cubicle?

Tired of staring at the blank walls of your office cubicle? Why not spice it up a bit and bring it to life? If you are like me, you weren’t born with the gift of artistic vision, specifically interior design (who would have thought a moose head above the TV wouldn’t add to the ambiance of my living room?). Well fortunately for us, there are others out there who are creatively inclined that we can poach ideas from, enter Pinterest. The following are a collection of links to office cubicle design ideas that might just spark your inner (insert name of famous interior designer here).

Some of my favorite cubicle designs are as follows: – The brick walls give it a cool urban feel. He also incorporated some nice touches with the futuristic looking clock and the old-school boom box. – Though this cubicle is girly, I love the color scheme and striped walls. – Not necessarily cubicle décor, but the coolest flash drive in existence. – With the World Cup approaching this cubicle is ready for action! – An underwater cubicle? Could work ever be boring with that view? – It’s always been my dream to have a bed-like section in my cubicle.

Which office cubicle design is your favorite?

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