Office Spaces to be Envious Of

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Office Spaces to be Envious Of

Let’s be honest, a majority of us 9 to 5 cubicle dwellers don’t exactly have the most beautiful office landscape to work in. If you are extremely lucky you can see a window from your desk, but for most of us that just isn’t the case. So why not make ourselves a bit more depressed and look at some of the coolest office spaces around?

Medge Consulting Offices – Stockholm

This office is AMAZING. The hardwood floors complement the sleek features of the office beautifully. I am jealous, extremely jealous of those who get to work here.


You’re kidding me right? A fully stocked bar? I don’t think I’ve ever been to an establishment that their sole purpose is to sell drinks that looked this good. I NEED this in my office ASAP.

Selgas Cano Architecture

Talk about inspirational. I don’t know a better place to think more freely than in an office in the woods surrounded by glass. I am not much of an outdoorsman but I can definitely appreciate an office this one of a kind.


When are all businesses going to catch on that a game room is the key to employee happiness? I would love to take a break from blankly staring into my computer to beat up on some colleagues in ping pong. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone.

Game. Set. Match. A TREE HOUSE?! If it is one thing I missed out on in my childhood it was the ability to make a tree house in my back yard. Don’t think for a second that desire has left me. This is my dream office. “Hey Ted, can you stop by my tree house to discuss last week’s numbers? Yea, just use the ladder to get it.”

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