Successful Office Furniture Liquidation Tips

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Successful Office Furniture Liquidation Tips

Is your business in the process of relocating, closing, or downsizing? Are you concerned about removing all of the office furniture from your space and you don’t know where to begin? The following tips will help guide you through your office furniture liquidation project and ensure it’s a successful one.


Timing is everything. Relocating or closing your business can take a considerable amount of time. You want to take into consideration the entirety of the project and how long you believe it will take. When talking to the office furniture liquidation company be sure to be completely clear with your timetable expectations.

Inventory Checklist

Time doesn’t always permit, but if you are able to you will want to try and get a complete inventory count of all of the furniture in the space. There are two positives of doing this, 1. You know exactly how much furniture you have, which can help when leveraging pricing and 2. You can save money on the overall liquidation by performing the counts yourself, as opposed to the liquidation company having to do it.

Avoid Parting It Out

It may be tempting to let liquidation companies cherry pick from your available furniture but this may not always be the best option. If you choose to let someone select only certain parts of furniture, you may be left with various pieces that you can’t get rid of. Sell everything as a package to avoid having left over furniture.


If time permits, feel free to research the going rate of the office furniture you are trying to rid of.  By researching the prices, you can get a better idea of what to expect in return for your assets. Keep in mind, however, the costs associated with the liquidation such as removal fees, the costs of the trucks removing the furniture etc.

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