What Features Do I Need In My Cubicle?

What Features Do I Need In My Cubicle?

What Features Do I Need In My Cubicle?

Nowadays not all cubicles are built alike. There are a virtually endless number of ways to create a custom cubicle that fits your business’ exact needs. With so many options available to customize your office cubicle, it’s hard to decide what is a need vs. what is a nice-to-have. Let’s take a look at some of the customization options available and decide if they are relevant for your business.

Tile Options

There are a nearly limitless number of cubicle tiles to choose from. For the design savvy there are glass tile options that give a sleek look, or a standard user might only want fabric tiles. Regardless of your flavor, there are enough cubicle tile options out there to satisfy your needs.


One of the more important design factors is the configuration of the cubicle. Again, there are a wide variety of ways to configure your office cubicle. There are low and high-wall cubicles, bullpens, benching options, clusters and so on. Depending on how you need your workspace to flow will dictate the configuration you choose. Office environments that encourage teaming would want to consider low-wall cubicles or bullpens, because they allow for immediate collaboration amongst employees, while sitting at their desk. If you need to fit a large number of employees in limited space then benching cubicles are a great option.


There are a variety of storage options to choose from as well. If you need a lot of storage then you might want to consider overhead flipper units and pedestals. If you need minimal storage than you can incorporate one box-box-file storage unit, or one flipper unit.


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